Marketing Skills For 2021: In Conversation with ODDBOX’s Mark Paterson

Marketing skills are becoming more diverse, so how do we prioritise adding to our skills? A conversation with Mark Paterson, Marketing Director of ODDBOX.

The skills race in marketing gains pace every day, and as marketers we need to keep up. 

Zigzag is asking some of the UK’s leading digital marketers what they see as the hot skills and traits for today’s marketer.

Mark Paterson has worked on FMCG brands like Cadbury and Innocent, Uber and is now Marketing Director at ODDBOX the fruit and veg box company on a mission to end food waste.

Mark Paterson
Mark Paterson
Marketing Director, ODDBOX

Skills for Now

Mark, it’s been exciting to see the growth of ODDBOX over the last year. What have you and your team been most focused on?

Given the stage of the business, there had been a strong focus on acquisition marketing. With the pandemic, ODDBOX started experiencing enormous growth. This growth meant my team and I had to step up to fulfil a really broad commercial remit. We’ve moved from a brand and communications team to now driving forecasting and P&L scenario planning. The pandemic has significantly accelerated the speed at which we’ve had to scale our ambitions and team.

Skills Forever

You’ve marketed iconic brands like Cadbury, Innocent and Uber and now lead marketing at ODDBOX. What skills have you found to be most transferable across those very different businesses?

How about my top five?

  1. Commercial acumen is everything. You need to understand how a business makes money, and where the market opportunity lies.
  2. Strategic planning. Being able to work backwards from a desired outcome.
  3. Market intelligence. Understanding how to use data and research to define or solve problems.
  4. Brand planning. Defining the identity of a brand, and bringing it to life across touchpoints.
  5. And communication planning. A fascination in the lives of customers to help you land the right message in the right way to achieve a desired outcome.

Skills For the Future

What do you look for in a marketer as you build your team at Oddbox?

A growth mindset and humble ambition, plus a clear aptitude for their chosen specialism within marketing – marketing roles are so diverse these days!


What marketing skill or discipline do you plan to learn more about in the next year?

I find this a little tricky as there is so much to learn still. My main area of focus is on deepening my understanding of how to build incredible brand experiences. I’m sure this will encompass lots of areas of specialism as I learn more.

Want to learn more about ODDBOX?

Visit www.oddbox.co.uk/why to find out how they are working to end food waste with their fruit and veg boxes.

Image © Oddbox Delivery Ltd

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