How to take your marketing skills into the digital marketplace

Take your marketing skills into the digital marketplace without having to learn all the platforms. Our quick guide walks you through how to build digital marketing into your career options.
Many experienced marketers see the swell of digital marketing jobs and feel they lack enough digital experience. If this is you, you may be underselling the value of their own experience. And the strategies you use for traditional marketing are very much relevant in the online space. So here is our guide to taking your marketing skills into the digital marketplace.

Focus on what you know works

If you look at what works in a marketing campaign, you’ll find that it comes down to creating a valuable connection between the brand and ideal audience. Whether online or traditional marketing routes, creating that connection is key to communicating your message.

Draw on your expertise of putting together a strategic plan for your marketing campaigns. Then analyse the results of these campaigns. How can you apply the same theory to digital marketing? Focus on what you know rather than where you might need to pick up experience. Plus, any new job needs you to learn new systems and ways of working. So approach digital marketing in the same way.

You already have the knowledge

A Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) study reveals that even experienced digital marketers find it difficult to keep up with changing online platforms. You need to know what is relevant for your brand and experience rather than trying to get your head around the mechanics of every online platform.

What we can take from this is that no one truly knows what is going to work or not work on a particular platform. Especially if there are new features available. It all comes down to testing, tweaking and trying again. Much like any other strategy.

The difference here is that you have the experience to understand what has worked before. You can apply this knowledge to the digital marketplace. And with analytics you can have proven, trackable results.

Data can tell the story

When it comes to any marketing – traditional or digital – analytics is your best friend. Data helps you tell the story about why your way works, and why your experience matters.

You know this anyway because you’ve done the groundwork over your career to build up your core marketing skills. And this is far more valuable than the mechanics of the latest SaaS app or PPC tool.

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Don’t get distracted by shiny digital objects

It’s far too easy to lose your confidence or believe a job ‘isn’t right for you’ because it has an element of digital experience in the requirements. Digital is the new shiny new object that can distract marketers and brands from what’s important.

Core marketing skills and experience are more relevant now than ever. The online space is very loud and full of competitors all trying to say the same thing. This means that digital marketing needs more innovative thinking. Businesses can no longer do the same thing they did last year and expect the same results.

Experienced marketers, like you, are needed in these teams to share your insights and expertise.

Or as Mark Ritson says in his Marketing Week column: “digital is a crucial part of the playbook, but not the playbook itself.”

We can go further and say that a role in digital marketing needs a suite of skills that come from outside the digital marketplace as you work as a wider team. Playing to your strengths rather than what is shiny is far more relevant to doing the kind of job love and getting those great results.

Digital is only a small part

Overall, remember that digital marketing is only one tool in a wider kit of options. And while it helps you cut direct to your target audience, it can often mean other marketing options are overlooked.

What is needed is not necessarily experience of digital tools and platforms but the confidence to understand how these can be used in a wider campaign strategy. And this only happens with the expertise that comes within these senior roles.

By taking your marketing skills into the digital marketplace, you’ll be bringing a wealth of knowledge and value to a team that might otherwise miss out on them.

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