Are my skills in high demand?

Are you sitting on skills that could open the door to a more fulfilling career move? Zigzag shares the marketing jobs in high demand in 2021.

You’ve been working at your organisation for a few years. You know the job inside out and maybe you’ve had a promotion or two. And now you’ve got the experience, your skills are in high demand.

Except you perhaps don’t realise that your skills are now in high demand. And you’re sitting in a job that no longer fills you with passion. You’re going through the motions rather being stretched.

We say you should do what makes you happy. No one wants to be in a role that isn’t getting them jumping out of bed in the morning.

But wait! What kind of roles are in high demand right now? Well, we’ve rounded them up for you right here.

SEO Manager

The pandemic has taken a lot of marketing focus into the online space. This means that the online strategy is now a larger chunk of the overall marketing. So brands are now competing for visibility in a more crowded space than ever before.

This all means that getting seen on that all important first page of search has become increasingly important for companies. And so they are in need of experienced SEO Managers.

Your data analytics and content skills are in high demand for innovative SEO strategies. As organic reach is in decline on social media platforms, SEO is seen as a long-term and sustainable strategy for brands.

Content Manager

Content marketing is not new but along with SEO, content managers are now in high demand. If you’re able to manage and create content across multiple platforms and media then your skills are needed to help create user-centred content for brands.

Video, copy, and audio skills, plus bringing it together across the content team is becoming more in-demand as organisations flex those digital muscles.

Social Media Manager

With social media platforms changing in the blink of an eye, social media managers who are on top of the latest tricks and tools can be indispensable for a brand. While this was once seen as the entry-position in the market, getting organic reach on social platforms needs real expertise. And companies can see this benefit.

Data Analytics

Got a head for the numbers and can take them further than Google Analytics? Then your job skills are in demand. Organisations have access to rich data about what their customers want and then need to use it. Having people who can turn that data into information for the marketing team is an asset.

When you consider that online sales for January 2021 were a whopping 71% higher than in January 2020, that’s a lot of extra people taking their buying habits online.

So it’s no surprise that being able to show what is (and isn’t) working for a brand is in high demand so they can make better marketing decisions.

Community Manager

Like the cousin of the Social Media Manager, the Community Manager is the person that, well, keeps the community going. As we know, marketing campaigns work when people feel they are a part of something. Having someone on the team whose job it is to be the voice of the brand is in high demand. You only need to look at posts like Weetabix on Twitter from earlier this year to see the value of a good Community Manager.

In one of these jobs and ready for a change?

If you’re in one of these positions and feel like you’re lacking the passion, there are brands out there who are looking for you. We know that a job is more than your expertise. It’s about feeling like you make an impact, and that you fit in.

At Zigzag, we match your skills and experience. We also match you with jobs where you’ll thrive. Create your Zigzag profile here.

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