Standing out: How to write a winning professional profile

Maybe you already know that recruitment teams usually only look at each CV for 3-5 seconds. If you didn’t, you do now.

We developed Zigzag profiles in collaboration with job-hunters and companies to get straight to what matters most; skills, career desires and personality traits. 

So how do you make your Zigzag professional profile stand out?

Let’s focus on three key sections: your Pitch, your Development Goals and Outside Work.

1. The Perfect Professional Pitch

“Ask not what your country can do for you” John F. Kennedy

A great personal Pitch has two elements. A what and a why

Hiring managers want to know how you’ll add value straight away, so this is where you land your biggest punch. What will you offer immediately, and why does that matter to them?

Here are some great Pitch examples from successful Zigzag members.

A social media marketer obsessed with finding new ways to see data so that my colleagues can unleash their creativity to create award winning work.

A qual-loving brand planner who brings the emotion to every brief, because I believe that brands should give meaning to experiences.

I’m a classically-trained FMCG brand manager who, like the best jazz musicians, uses my understanding of the rules to break them and win awards.

2. Growth begets growth

“Becoming is better than being” Carol S Dweck

The growth mindset is being swiftly embraced as the hallmark of a thriving corporate culture so companies are eager to know not just how to support employees’ growth, but if people have good insight into their own development. 

Being open about growth opportunities can make us feel vulnerable. So how can we talk about your Development Goals without putting ourselves down? Simple. Think about it as where you might build on your current brilliance to add even more value.

I want to take my data analytics skills from advanced to truly world-class by learning from new colleagues and pursuing more training opportunities.

I have proven myself to be a strong, championing line manager, with several successful direct reports being promoted. I want to increase the size of teams that I oversee to build great culture on a larger scale.

I have been really successful at growing my UK client’s brand and my ad agency’s business with this client. Over the next 5 years I want to learn from the best about how to do that at a much larger scale with a global brand.

3. People hire people

“Knowledge will bring you power. But character, respect” Bruce Lee

Companies want to know that you’ll help enhance their culture through the kind of person you are.

For your Outside Work profile, share parts of your life that show the kind of strengths that you would bring to an organisation. Maybe you’re particularly caring, or nerdily fascinated by new ideas, or naturally eager to foster connection between people. Share what matters to you and give a clue as to why that might matter to them.

I’m a natural connector of groups. I spent my time (outside a pandemic) organising social events for friends and in my local community, where I serve on a charity committee at my temple. I’m a mad baker and working on perfecting my puff pastry.

I write a blog on “Numbers in Advertising”, which has been steadily growing its readership, despite the geeky title. I’ve been an avid reader all my life, although my adorable newborn baby is doing her best to slow me down this year.

I run competitively, which feeds my desire to win and keeps me feeling great. I have recently taken up yoga and mindfulness, which I have found invaluable in grounding myself as I’ve taken on more responsibility at work in the last year.

A great profile is one that helps a company recruiter understand who you are and how you would bring value to their business. In being thoughtful about what you want and what you can bring, you’ll stand out naturally and find the role that’s looking for you.

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