Frequently Asked Questions

You are in complete control of who has access to your personal information. You will be unidentifiable unless you have given your permission.
Zigzag’s paying customers can see your anonymous profile but they will not know who you are or even where you work. Our customers are verified organisations that are looking to directly hire someone like you. No recruitment agencies are allowed to access our platform. 

Once we have verified a company and granted them permission to search our talent community, they are able to see anonymised profiles. If your profile fits their needs they will send you a message and if you like what you hear you respond can engage with them.

We only want you to bother with jobs that you will be happy and successful in. It’s about quality rather than quantity. With Zigzag you only ever hear about career opportunities that will be enticing to you and that you have a strong chance of being offered.

Without lifting a finger, you’ll be anonymously applying for every suitable job in your area of choice – both geography and specialism.

We make sure you’re only talking to companies that you might want to work for, about roles you’d be successful in which meet your personal and professional needs. Once you have a match with a company, you’ll be in direct contact.

Until you have granted permission, nobody can see who you are or any of your personal information – they won’t know your name, career history, what you look like, or another identifiable features. 

Companies pay us to be able to search and contact potential employees. They either pay a fixed fee or a subscription.

We only work with hiring companies, not recruitment agencies.

You can change your profile anytime! If you need help with that, contact us at

We do suggest that you retake the personality test every 12 months.

You will not find jobs on Zigag. Jobs will find you. They will find you because they fit your skills, experience, and needs, and because the company likes what they know about you based on the things that really matter. 

Zigzag is focused on helping digital marketers find their next opportunity, so you might see jobs for social media, search engine marketing, marketing and media strategy, and a range of other roles within marketing.

Studies show that our success in a role is significantly driven by how well matched our strengths are to a job and a company. A CV doesn’t address that, but Zigzag helps match the “whole person” to the job.

Because we thought about what recruitment would look like if you landed from space and someone explained that companies hire people in a way that hasn’t changed since the 1970s. 

No space person would believe that modern companies advertise jobs and a workforce of digitally-literate people apply for those jobs using a written log of their career history which follows no uniform format so the person doing the hiring has to guess how well suited a person might be.

Minuscule. Zigzag is hosted with 100% renewable energy.

Ben and Joel. Two people who find it staggering that so few things have changed in the world of recruitment since the 1970s. Jobs are now advertised online rather than in newspapers; people send CVs via email or submit them via a portal, rather than putting them in a stamped addressed envelope. But it’s still as hard as ever to work out a great match – and still more about who you know than skills and personality.

They agree it’s time to change the world and make hiring more human and fit for today’s professionals.